Tuesday, October 15, 2013


WADE shoes is a original Philippine footwear brand that becomes one of the trendsetter in terms of innovating modern designs, known on its dynamic and authentic man made soles. It really captures the demands and interest of young people today. And I must say I am one of those people who loves to wear Wade Shoes and walk on by feet.

From formal to casual to outdoor, Wade gives us lots of options to choose from. Like this black leather formal shoes that I bought on my first salary. I just love to wear this it is very comfy and the style is to-date and definitely the price is just right. My first pair of Wade was little bit old, who would have thought that it is almost five months old but still looking good.

My first ever Wade Shoes

For quite sometimes as I always pass by at Trinoma after work. I used to check my favorite boutiques or clothing store and as I look to Wade store then jackpot! They were on sale, for only 1,500 pesos I bought two beautiful and trendy shoes. I just love these two especially the silver one. It is a lace up sneakers which was really catch my attention when choosing a pair.

 Shiny indeed!

The other one I chose is the brown loafer, which exactly match to my preferred color shoes that I am going to buy. What I love about this loafer is that I can wear them in two options, it can be used for formal and also for casual. Just go visit Wade shoes and find a style fits to your feet.

two-way around

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